Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance policies provide financial protection against: loss, damage or theft, property damage, towing costs, re delivery and theft recovery costs and many other liabilities related to motor vehicles. There are several different types of policies available that are outlined below.


 Cover for accidental loss or damage to your motor vehicle including legal liability for third party property damage.

Third Party Fire and Theft:

 Cover for fire and theft to your motor vehicle including legal liability for third party property damage.

Third Party Property Damage:

 Cover for legal liability for third party property damage.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Quote:

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How do I select the right policy?

 It is important that you understand the extent of your policy coverage and your insurance requirements. Policy coverage is always subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance contract and policy wording provided by the insurer.

Each insurance company has its own policy wording. This means that coverage can vary considerably from one insurer to another. It is vital that you compare each policy based on the appropriateness of cover for your individual or business needs.

As Insurance Brokers, it is our role to understand the terms and conditions, so Contact Us now for advice and a quote.

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